Healthy life: 3 things you need in your world now

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Healthy and happy means being out and about - exercise, walk the dog, live sustainability, find motivation.

Here's our best selling products that will help you live healthily and happily 🌞


One with the World cool water bottles

These Love our World cool water bottles are more than just bottles, they are works of art. Each of our cool water bottles has detailed artwork to decorate the front. And they're packed full of features too. 

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fitness tracker and workout watch

**TOP RATED PRODUCT at a fraction of its competitors price.

This workout tracker and smartwatch is a must-have item for any 21st-century individual. Track your health and monitor your heart rate with ease. You never know, this watch could motivate you to move more. 

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Arty animals water bottles and thermos

Transport your beverage in style with this arty animals stainless steel thermos bottle. As you will see the thermos bottle incorporates a minimalist design as there is just an adorable animal on the front, with a single word written below. 

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dog water bottle and feeder

This bottle makes it easier for you and your pet to travel. There is a lanyard on the top of the bottle, so you can carry it with ease. The top features a section for your dog to drink the water from once the key has been pushed up. The water section can hold approximately 258ml of water, while the food section can hold 200ml. 

If you are a dog owner, this dog water bottle is a must-have item for you. 

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