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Thanks for visiting our new store Make Life Joyful! We're really happy you dropped by. Cooper and I are huge dog people. Anyone who knows us won't be surprised that we've gone into business finding dog gifts for dog people. We're crazy dog people (but in a good way).

As I write this, I'm surrounded by nine rescue dogs on a house sit in Malta. They require lots of love and lots of food and there's a lot of their business we gotta pick up, if you know what I mean. But, we love them. We love all dogs - big, small, happy, sad, naughty, cheeky, challenged. They're all unique and special. And we're lucky. They bring us joy.



We run a blog, travellivelearn.com, and on it you'll spot that we've been traveling for the past few months - house and pet sitting around the UK and Europe. Cooper and I have talked about a few things we wanted to try while setting up digital work as we roam. Venturing into setting up an online store is one that we've just press 'yes' on and turned into reality today! 

Our selection here comprises of things that we as dog and animal lovers love. We started with bright and cute cat and dog supplies, like our collars and leads.

Then we added other super gorgeous animal and nature themed lifestyle products that I knew I couldn't resist either. The theme we run with here, is JOY. Animals bring joy, pets bring joy. Happiness and wellbeing bring joy, and healing. Our accessories and gifts for boutique pets and their humans are pretty, surprising, useful, and most of all, inspire happiness. 

That's what we intend here. We hope you find something for you, your animal-loving friend or your fur baby that will do just that - make life joyful. 

Sarah x


Sarah Blinco, chief creative curator, MLJ

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