Sleek cat jewelry (brooches)

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Sleek cat jewelry (brooches)

With a creative design and bold colors, this brooch makes the perfect statement piece for any cat lover or anyone that loves to wear cat jewelry. The design takes on a contemporary touch, as you can see by the long-legged design and bold colors.

What we like the most about this easy to pin on brooch, is the fact that the tail of the cat curls around a rhinestone, as if to say, ‘this is mine’.



  ·        Plated: Enamel alloy

  ·         Material: Metal

  ·         Available in different colors

 ·         Approximate size: 4.5cm x 1.5cm

 ·         Ideal gift for any cat lover


Note: due to very high demand, please allow 3–4 weeks for delivery.