Fun dog treat dispenser toy to reduce anxiety and boredom

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When left alone our four-legged friends get lonely and their once loved tennis ball is just a boring ball left untouched. Some dog’s whine, other dog’s overindulging on food and others just lie down thinking about when their human will ever return. 

That is where this fun dog treat dispenser toy comes into play. This simple yet effective toy will help to reduce anxiety and boredom that your dog might face. 

This toy is easy for you to assemble as you simply open it up and put treats inside. Once reassembled your dog will have to move it and nudge it until a treat falls out. They will smell the food inside and will hopefully be distracted! 

Help your dog calm down with this fun dog treat dispenser toy. 


• Material: Plastic 

• Interactive toys 

• Easy to assemble 

• Help reduce anxiety and boredom  

Note: due to very high demand, please allow 3–4 weeks for delivery.