Glitter paw print cat or dog tags

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We all know that dogs and cats already shine, but a little bit of extra sparkle won’t hurt. The cat tags are shaped like a paw, with glitter on one side and an engraved name, location and number on the other. The dog tags are similar; however, they are shaped like a bone instead. 

The benefit of a cat or dog tag is that if your furry family member gets lost, they will have an identification tag on them so people know where their home is. 


What the cat says: 

‘Glitter means I am far superior to the other cats, which is always purr-fect’. 



• Personalized tags means faster return of precious pet to owner.

• Choose your shape: bone or pa

• Material: Metal 

• Personalise your own  

• Different colors available including pink, red, hot pink and blue 


Note: due to very high demand, please allow 3–4 weeks for delivery.