Classy sparkly leather dog harness with rhinestones

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If you have a glamorous pooch that just wants to strut their stuff in the dog park, this sparkly leather dog harness was made for them. Your dog will be a celebrity amongst peasants wearing this sparkly piece. 

At the centre of this leather dog harness, you will find a classy bow to showcase your dogs class and sophistication. With three sizes available, we are sure you will find one classy harness that will fit your dog comfortably. 


 What the dog says:

No comment was given at the time, as the dog declared themselves too famous for interviews.



• PROTECT YOUR DOG with better control, and prevent injury from tugging or pulling on the leash

• Material: PU leather and rhinestones

• Available colors: Red, pink and black 

• Reflective bling 

• Make your dog into a classy pooch 

• S, M and L sizes available 



Note: due to very high demand, please allow 3–4 weeks for delivery.