Personalized dog collars with an engraved ID tag

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Nothing says you are part of this family quite like a personalized dog collar with an engraved ID tag. These colorful, nylon collars have incorporated bright patterns to draw your eye and each one features a metal buckle that can be engraved with your dog's name.

This is the perfect way to welcome your new family member into your home. 

What the dog says: 

‘I always thought my name was ‘sit Patch’, but Patch works well too!’   



• Collars are a vital part of dog ownership, allowing pet parents to walk with a leash and offer a place to hang ID and vaccination tags.

• Personalized tags means faster return of precious pet to owner.

• Material: Nylon with a metal buckle 

• Different sizes available including small, medium and large

• Skin-friendly  

• Easy to clean item 

• Durable and heavy-duty 


Note: due to very high demand, please allow 3–4 weeks for delivery.


Once you've placed your order, we'll be back in touch via email to confirm what you want printed on it, including pet or nick names. Just wait for an email from Make Life Joyful and we'll get it sorted for you 😃