Stylish Chakra healing bracelets

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The practice of crystal healing dates way back to Ancient Egypt and the term chakra refers to the energy that is spread throughout your body. This beautiful healing bracelet features natural round stones and a Buddha bead. 

There are seven chakra stones that are associated with the seven levels of energy that rest in different locations throughout your body, along your spine. Hopefully, this bracelet will align your chakra and make you feel a sense of ease. 

This stunning bracelet would make a thoughtful gift for anyone who is fascinated with the topic of crystal healing.  


• Metal Type: Zinc alloy 

• Semi-precious stone

• Plated: Antique silver plated 

• Approximately inner perimeter: 19cm 

• Approximate length of chain: 19.7cm 

Note: due to very high demand, please allow 3–4 weeks for delivery.