Easy waterproof cat and dog food mat

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How many times has your cat or dog knocked their food everywhere and you wished you had an easy waterproof food mat to sort it out?

What about, how many times has your dog drank its water, only to drool half of it onto the floor? It can be frustrating, that is why this food mat is so useful! 

You want this mat.

Place this mat underneath your pet’s food and water bowl, then all the mess they make will be collected on this food mat. You can then easily clean this mat in a time-effective manner. 


• Protects your floors from damage

Makes clean up a lot easier

• Two colors available: Gray or black 

• Approximate size: 48cm x 30cm 

• Material: Silicone 

• Waterproof 

• Easier to clean than the floor 


Note: due to very high demand, please allow 3–4 weeks for delivery.